Imocon FlexTight Technology

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FlexTight Technology uses a magnetic holder that automatically feeds the original into the scanner and flexes it around an internal drum. The image then is scanned directly to the lens above without any internal reflections. This eliminates the possibility of visual noise and distortion found in flatbed scanners. With the unique magnetic holder, there is no glass, gel or anti-Newton spray. FlexTight Precision produces sharp, detailed images while increasing productivity by saving preparation and cleanup time.

FlexTight scanner's CCD remains completely stationary for the entire scan while the original rolls past the optics on a rotating drum, eliminating color flaring and registration errors. In addition, because the originals are banded into an arc, the "line of sight" is constantly straight and in focus. FlexTight's optics zoom in for each individual scanning format to maximize image sharpness and focus the full CCD resolution on the width of each original. As a result, FlexTight scanner scans from 35mm transparencies up to 5,760 dpi optical resolution, allowing user to create crisp enlargements up to 2,400%.

Adaptive Light Source. As the first scanner to incorporate an adaptive light source, FlexTight scanner is able to scan dark originals with detailed shadow areas, which were not possible to scan from other scanners. Unlike conventional scanners that use software only highlight settings, FlexTight scanners actually adapt the light source to match each original and automatically suggest the required light intensity. This permits the scanner to fully utilize its dynamic range, capture all shadow details and preserve color fidelity throughout the image, without stretching image data and causing unnecessary amplified noise.

14-Bit Preview and Scanning Using high frequency analog technology previously used for radar landing systems on aircraft carriers, Imacon has developed a new electronic principle called Direct Analog to Digital Conversion (DADC). Because the critical noise-sensitive analog channel is kept as short as possible, the scanner produces a true 14-bit scan that has 16,000 levels of color in each RGB channel.

In addition, the FlexTight software keeps all 14-bit of information in memory at previews while other scanners only offer 8-bit previews. It accurately presents highlight, shadow and gradation settings before the final scan. Users also have the option to preserve all 14-bit in the final image, so they can use the full information when working in PhotoShop or in the lab color space.

Intelligent Software The ColorFlex software that comes with the scanner makes creating a print-ready scan almost as easy as operating a photocopier. The scanner also includes and optimized ICC profile for the maximum color accuracy and minimum noise. The profile combines Apple Computer's ColorSync color management software providing calibrated CMYK images for accurate color reproduction. And for challenging originals, it also includes all the controls an expert needs to fine-tune and customize performance. Custom ICC profiles were also available for precise color matching.

Additional Features and Specifications With the unique compact vertical design, FlexTight scanner's footprint in small, occupying much less desk space than a flatbed scanner. The build-in light table with grid makes it easy to load and align originals. The hardware design also keeps power supply with the heat and electronic activities outside of the scanner to avoid electrical noises. These single pass CCD-Drum scanners scan transparencies up to 4" x 5" using FTT and film or reflective images up to 12" x 17" (A3 size) using EST.

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