Web Graphics & Design

In addition to the design and construction of this entire site, I have also created web graphics and animations for my commercial clients. As befits my background and training, my approach to web design is graphics and image intensive.


GG Industries Home Page.

This company builds spa jets and supplies them to major spa manufacturers. I was asked to create an interactive home page that related to their business.

All of the elements in this artwork are 3D models, even the water. There is no photography used.

In the actual home page, the spa jet animations are links. They are disabled in this sample version.

Cameron, McCarthy, Gilbert & Scheibe Web Site.

This landscape architecture firm hired me to design and build their entire web site. I'm particularly proud of this portfolio page that I built for them in Flash.

You can use the navigation bar on the left margin of their portfolio page to view the rest of their site.

Langley Creative Web Site.

I created this entire web site in Flash for my Chicago representative. 43 separate portfolio pages.



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