Digital Restoration

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Oil Portrait Restoration. This 150 year old oil portrait was in bad shape. Ambered varnish, paint cracked, flaking and cupped, pieces missing. Copied onto 4x5 film, drum scanned, digitally restored, output onto archival canvas. For a Civil War museum in South Carolina.
1960s color photo restoration. The classic UV faded color photo print. Color digitally restored, output onto archival photo paper. This new print will last 200 years intead of 30.
Water damaged print. A customer had extensive water damge to their home. This photo was actually stuck to another photo and shows part of the photo still on it's surface.
Yellowed 1940s color prints. These prints from 1942 were badly yellowed and faded.
1939 Class Photo. This important photograph had been neglected in a basement for nearly 50 years. Brittle, cracking, water damaged, yellowed, stained, it was in really poor shape. 45 individual photos plus lettering digitally restored and preserved in an archival print.
Water Damage/ Stuck to Cracked Glass. This customer's only group shot of her young children and their deceased father was in basically "hopeless" condition. Before and after versions.

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