Digital Photo Illustration

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Goodyear. For Goodyear Eagle point of purchase display. All Photoshop tricks.
SDIFade. Ghosted cutaway to reveal internal hydraulic cylinder.
QwikeeCutaway. Ghosted coach exterior with 3D models of products visable inside.
MoogNASCAR. Five of 30 NASCAR champions that I did for MOOG. I had reference photos from every angle except the desired side view!
MotorHomeCage. A progressive cutaway starting with a full coach and ending with the chassis.Used for multiple overlay sales brochure. Exterior photographed at the factory, internal elements composited with digital illustration done in Photoshop5.
Twisted Lumber. Photo of wood texture mapped to a 3D model and then Photoshopped into composite of hands and trees.
Complete Coach. In order to have the brochures ready as the first finished motorhomes rolled off of the line, Country Coach had me photograph this partially finished coach on 4x5 sheet film, drum scan the film, and then complete the coach to match their CAD drawings using Photoshop 5.5. Full before & after shown.



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