3D Still Images- Full 3D models used as 2D images.

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St. Albert by Country Coach. A full 3D environment created from blueprints.

Also available as an animated walk through tour.


EP Button. A 3D logo for Eugene Print. Design concept by Oslund Design.


CocaCola.jpg. 3D model of Coca Cola bottle cap with graphics.


Cigarette Cutaway.jpg. A full 3D model for Japan Tobacco Co.


Prudential.jpg. Bryce3D model of the famous "rock" with logo.


Coors.jpg. Full 3D model built for 2D ad for Adolph Coors Co.. Original finish is 27" high.


CoorsBall.jpg.There is far too much detail here for the internet.....


Strut.jpg. 3D model of hydraulic leveling for Qwikee Corp.


Gears In Oil.jpg.Ray Dream 3D model.

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